Dedicated to the growth and advancement of the dairy processing, manufacturing and distribution industry in the northeast US

The Northeast Dairy Foods Association was founded in 1928 as New York State Milk Distributors Association.  In the 1970s the association expanded its membership base from just fluid processors to all types of dairy product companies and changed its name to New York State Dairy Foods Association. In 2008 the board of directors expanded the scope of work and geographic boundary to seven additional states, and appropriately changed the organization’s name to the current Northeast Dairy Foods Association, Inc.


NDFA is a full-service trade association with members in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.  Members represent all four federal call product companies including fluid milk processors, distributors, byproduct manufacturers, ice cream plants, yogurt plants and dairy producers. 

The Northeast Dairy Suppliers Association consists of over 200 dairy vendor and supplier member companies including international businesses as well as small, family owned companies, all of whom distribute goods and services to the dairy industry.


The membership is administered by a Board of Directors elected bi-annually from the general membership.  Director meetings are held four times a year, including a virtual annual meeting, held in the spring each year.


We hold four events each year that offer a great opportunity to network with the Northeast Dairy Foods processing membership.

NDFA Board of Directors

President – Daniel Lausch, Lactalis American Group

Vice President – 

Treasurer – Randi Muzumdar, Lactalis USA – Commonwealth

Secretary – Ryan Elliott, Byrne Dairy

  • Kim Bukowski, Cornell University
  • Jordan Clark, Agri-Mark
  • Tim Cronin, Belgiosio Cheese
  • Brian Froebel, Friendship Dairies
  • Matt Hendricks, Dairy Farmers of America
  • Jason Kiteveles, Cayuga Milk Ingredients
  • Lynn Morrissette, HP Hood
  • Lynn Murray, Jefferson Bulk Milk Cooperative
  • Tony Nassar, Chobani
  • Brian Perry, Perry’s Ice Cream
  • Nathan Pistner, Great Lakes Cheese
  • Darren Schochner, Farmland Fresh Dairies, LLC
  • Adam Seybolt, Stewart’s Processing
  • Jennifer Turgeon, HP Hood
  • Rebecca Wallick, HP Hood

NDSA Board of Directors

President – Melissa Fryer, Exergy, LLC

Vice President – Paul Knoerl, Pactiv Evergreen

Treasurer – Ryan Osterhout, KCO Resource Management

Secretary – Bruce Alling, Double H Plastic

  • John Bucklin, WestRock
  • Lisa Magro, Brown & Brown
  • Bill Elliott
  • Glenn Emory, Weidenhammer New Packaging, LLC
  • Gloria Little, Agri-Mark Cooperative
  • Wendy Martin, Energy Partners Consultants
  • Laura McCranie, Dairy Farmers of America
  • Dan Seitzer, Ecolab
  • Rick Wadhams, Earl T Wadhams, Inc.
  • Tristan Zuber-Hrobuchak, Novonesis

Goals & Objectives

  • Monitoring legislative affairs, lobbying on behalf of the membership, third party information source.
  • Providing services and information to our members that will continually serve to improve their operations – ensuring the efficient distribution of the freshest and safest dairy products possible.
  • Representing our membership as a united manufacturing/distribution industry, before legislative bodies and regulatory agencies, promoting and safe-guarding its common business interests.
  • Communications, networking, public relations and promotion programs that promote the sales of the products sold by members.

Goals & Objectives

  • Provide a professional atmosphere for members to network with those engaged in the business of the dairy food industry
  • Support the advancement, development and dissemination of dairy technology and information
  • Promote the recruitment of future leaders and support for educational institutions that have interests in the dairy foods industry
  • Enhance the well being the of the dairy food industry to increase sales and consumption

Association Staff

Alex Walsh

Executive Director


315.452.6455 office

Leanne Ziemba

Business Operations Manager


315.452.6455 office 

Gary Latta

Economic Consultant


315.452.6455 office 

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